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Rajon Rondo On Why He Got Along So Well With DeMarcus Cousins: "In The Words Of Kobe, We're Both A--holes. We're Both Hardheaded."

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Rajon Rondo and DeMarcus Cousins have a history together. They were part of the same team three times and they were just fine playing alongside each other. They shared touches in Sacramento, New Orleans and were part of the same team in Los Angeles, even though they never shared touches on the court this season.

Their personalities are strong and one would be surprised by their good chemistry. A couple of years ago, in 2015, Rondo was asked what he believed was the key to his relationship with Boogie. Rondo addressed that referring to some words Kobe Bryant said once.

"I would say, in the words of Kobe, we're both assholes. We're both knuckleheads. We're both hard-headed. And I think that's what separates us and makes us great."

Bryant and Rondo used to call each other names and they knew their personalities very well. Rondo said in 2016 he was friends with a lot of 'a--holes', mentioning Kobe and Boogie in the same conversation.

"I don't have a lot of friends," Rondo said, via ESPN. "I'm just friends with a lot of a--h---s: Kobe, DeMarcus [Cousins], Josh Smith, Big Baby [Glen Davis]. We're the same kind. What I love about all of us is we're competitors on and off the court. Hate to lose. I'm not going to say there's not many competitors in this game, but there's a certain kind of way you compete at that level and you have respect for one another."

There was nothing but respect between them and Kobe knew very well the kind of competitor Rondo was, as well as his personality and Boogie's.

A--holes recognize a--holes. That's it.