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Rajon Rondo Says He Didn't Consider Going Anywhere But The Los Angeles Lakers After His Buyout

Rajon Rondo Jokes About Los Angeles Lakers’ Veteran Roster: “Now I’m Considered One Of The Young Guys”

Credit: Getty Images

Rajon Rondo was a key member of the 2020 championship-winning Los Angeles Lakers squad. His playmaking and veteran experience were both keys to the Los Angeles Lakers' run, and even in a smaller role, Rajon Rondo can be a contributor. 

It is no wonder that the team chose to bring him back after he got a buyout from the Memphis Grizzlies. Rajon Rondo himself knew that he wanted to go nowhere but the Los Angeles Lakers. It makes sense for a player to go somewhere they know will be a good fit for them. On a recent appearance on the Mason and Ireland show, Rondo revealed that fact and shared some expectations on what his new role will be with the Los Angeles Lakers.

No other considerations. This was the spot for me, yes sir.

They have talked to me about roles with this team, and what they look forward to me bringing to the team this year, versus the past couple of seasons.

Just being ready when my number is called. Obviously, we have a lot of depth at the point guard position. Understanding that I'm not going to be playing as much as I would like, or possibly want to, but at the same time being a mentor for young guys... just doing what I do best.

There's no doubt that Rajon Rondo will be a great addition to the Los Angeles Lakers. Hopefully, he does get at least some solid minutes during the regular season, though there are obviously players ahead of him in the rotation. Regardless, having Rajon Rondo on the roster for his leadership is a plus for the team. There are a few younger players on the roster, and Rondo's intricate knowledge of the game could benefit them greatly. Rajon Rondo is a fantastic depth option, and hopefully, his acquisition pays off next season.