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Rajon Rondo Says He Has No Beef With Lakers Teammate Russell Westbrook

Rajon Rondo Ready To Settle Beef With New Teammate Russell Westbrook: “I’m Looking Forward To Putting Everything In The Past”

Rajon Rondo and Russell Westbrook are teammates on the Los Angeles Lakers for the 2021/22 NBA season. Although plenty of people believe they are on bad terms, the two point guards are ready to help this team reclaim the championship. 

After Rondo's brother and Westbrook clashed during the infamous Orlando bubble, people believe there was bad blood between the two stars, which could be a problem for the Lakers entering this season. 

A couple of weeks after he said he was ready to squash the beef, Rondo doubled down on those comments, saying Westbrook had a problem with his brother, not him, praising the 2017 NBA MVP's competitiveness (2:05:09). 

"It wasn't between Russell and me. It was actually with my brother. But, we've been competing for so long; he's one of the ultimate competitors I've ever played against in my career. I love competing against Russ; I know he's gonna bring it every night. I know he's looking to destroy me. Likewise, I'm looking to destroy him. So, there's no better feeling than playing against somebody who competes at the highest level and is always gonna bring it."

If there was any doubt that these two would merge on the Lakers, Rondo made sure to shut down that notion. They are ready to help the rest of the team win, and that's bigger than whatever problem they might have had in the past. 

These Lakers are ready to prove that age is just a number and that last season was a fluke. If everybody on the roster is on the same page, this team will have a terrific campaign.