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Reddit User Roasts Kevin Durant And His New Shoe: "Is The KD14 Design Supposed To Be KD's Hair?"

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The shoes that an athlete wears are incredibly important in any sport, and that is no different for basketball. There are plenty of factors that make a shoe great: for example, the materials used to create the shoe are extremely important. One of the most important factors though is the design of the shoe, as a great design can often entice many into buying that shoe. However, the opposite can force people to turn away from the shoe, as no one wants to wear a shoe with a poor design.

Reddit user u/ellenkpao took a jab at the design of Kevin Durant's new shoe and Durant himself. The user shared a photo of the new design and questioned whether the new design was supposed to be Kevin Durant's hair. The design featured some patches of black material over the top of the shoe, and it seems as though the fan was referring to the various photos of Durant on the internet with uneven hair.

This isn't the first time that Kevin Durant has been roasted about his hair. Evan Fournier notably took a shot at Durant's hair a while back when looking for a barber. His hair has also been compared to LeBron James's hair, who has also been roasted by NBA fans for his hair loss. However, it's doubtful that Kevin Durant actually cares about any of those roasts. At the end of the day, he is one of the best basketball players in the world, and his hairstyle doesn't change that.

While Kevin Durant's shoe may have a weird look for that specific colorway, the KD14 has other colorways as well. There is no doubt that it will likely still be widely viewed as a great shoe, and there will be plenty of buyers looking to acquire Kevin Durant's signature shoe.