NBA Twitter Roasts LeBron James After Picture Of His Hair Goes Viral

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(via Twitter/@CurryDagger)

(via Twitter/@CurryDagger)

For all the talent LeBron James has on the court, he's lacking a suitable patch of hair on his head.

For years, James' receding hairline has been the subject of conversation, and he has been roasted relentlessly for it.

Unfortunately for the King, things aren't necessarily getting better for him in that regard and, in fact, his hairline is the worst it has ever been. After a picture surfaced of James' patchy hair, NBA Twitter had a field day.

Twitter has always been pretty ruthless, especially when it comes to LeBron and his hair. James, however, doesn't seem very concerned. He's got other things on his mind right now.

But perhaps he should consider letting it go when these bubble games are over. At this point, he might just be better off.