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NBA Fans Compare Kevin Durant's Hair To LeBron James'

NBA Fans Compare Kevin Durant's Hair To LeBron James'

The NBA community is wild and they showed that once again after a picture of Kevin Durant's hair saw the light. KD was training with Detroit Pistons' young player Sekou Doumbouya and the 19-year-old couldn't help but posting a picture of himself and KD talking after a workout. It looked like Durant was explaining something to the young baller but the NBA community couldn't care less about it.

They noticed Durant's hair and his big bald spot and went after it. They can merciless most of the time, but on this occasion, things escalated to the next level. A couple of fans even compared his hair to LeBron James', another player who doesn't seem to be letting his hair go and embrace baldness.


As one fan said, every great player must go bald and some point but Durant is trying really hard now. The 2014 NBA MVP appears to be focused on other things and this doesn't bother him too much. Still, fans can't help but roasting him anytime they have the chance and this time wasn't the exception.