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Reggie Bullock Criticizes Knicks After Signing With Mavs: "I See The Mavericks As A Team That’s Taking That Next Step To Be In The Postseason.’’

reggie bullock

It hasn't been an easy couple of years for Reggie Bullock. From his sister's death to struggling with injuries, his tenure with the New York Knicks wasn't exactly memorable.

But Bullock was pretty solid when he had the chance to play for Tom Thibodeau's team. He was a great three-point shooter and his perimeter defender came in handy more often than not.

Nonetheless, it seems like he just wasn't satisfied with the status of the franchise, as he threw a little shade at them by saying that joining the Dallas Mavericks was 'a no-brainer':

“When I played against the Mavericks last year, I liked the way that they competed as a team,” Bullock said, as quoted by Marc Berman of the New York Post. “They got great players, so it was an easy, no-brainer for me. Being with the Knicks last year, we made it to the playoffs but I see [the Mavericks] as a team that’s taking that next step to be in the postseason.’’

Bullock believes that the Mavericks are better prepared to make the playoffs next season and that his talents will be more helpful there than they were at the Big Apple:

“When it comes to shooting the ball, that’s one thing that I pride myself on, and obviously guarding the other team’s best player, or guarding whoever when I’m in,” Bullock added. “I felt like that the skillset that I have was easy for me to be able to make this move to be able to come down and be around a great organization, a great city, and great fans and just bring my game here.”

Maybe something happened behind closed doors and we don't know the full story, but it doesn't seem like Bullock was exactly happy with the way the Knicks are handling their business right now.