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Richard Jefferson Brutally Roasts TikToker Who Came At Him: "Normally, I Don't Address Things..."

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Richard Jefferson

Richard Jefferson is one of the biggest personalities on ESPN, and he's fairly active on social media. A lot of prominent analysts get hate on social media, and Richard Jefferson decided to respond to a TikToker that has continuously called him out on the app.

The TikToker in question was a former NBA ballboy. He called out Jefferson for being "condescending" and the caption says Jefferson is the "biggest jerk" he has ever met. Jefferson hit him with a clap back and called him out for "staring" at players' private areas.

Normally, I don't address things... You keep reposting this, so you want attention. But I don't think you really want this attention. 

So let's tell everybody the truth. What he is saying is true. I never interacted with him. Let's explain why.

You literally admit to looking at our junks when we were in the locker room... I saw the original video and I was like "Oh. That's the kid used to stare at all of our junks."

You felt so comfortable staring at our junks, that it's literally your second video that you have posted on TikTok... The point is, that's why I didn't interact with you. That's why I avoided you.

There is no doubt that based on Richard Jefferson's revelation, he had a good reason to ignore the ballboy in question. It makes sense that he would be uncomfortable that with what transpired.

It remains to be seen if the TikToker will provide a response to Richard Jefferson, or whether he will remain silent on the matter. It's clear that Richard Jefferson did deliver a brutal roast towards him. Richard Jefferson is fairly active on TikTok himself, and he's roasted other people such as his colleague Kendrick Perkins. While it would be funny to see more Richard Jefferson roasts, it makes sense that he doesn't want to respond to every heckler/troll.