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Richard Jefferson Responds To Fan Questions In Hilarious TikTok

Richard Jefferosn

17-year NBA veteran Richard Jefferson played his final NBA game back in 2018, but he continues to be a prominent voice in the NBA community.

Serving as an analyst and broadcaster for ESPN, RJ is always offering his takes on the current state of basketball.

His best performances of all, however, happen on TikTok, where he routinely shows his funny side in more personal and light-hearted videos.

.Amongst a sea of great content, Jefferson made another splash online in a more recent video, when he responded to some interesting questions by a fan.

Here's the clip:

The wording of the questions is pretty suggestive, but it's RJ's reaction that really makes it so entertaining.

Since retiring, videos like these have become more and more common and it seems that Jefferson is really having fun engaging with the fans on social media. We're seeing a side to him that wasn't exposed in the NBA.

But comedy isn't the only thing that the guy can do. Jefferson is more than willing to share his thoughts on all kinds of subjects relating to basketball, and his insight often illustrates some interesting points.

Check out what he once said about Giannis Antetokounmpo:

“This is the unfairness of greatness," Jefferson said. "Like he's [Giannis Antetokounmpo] already got Most Improved Player. He's already won two MVPs, we already know the company. He will only be judged on this day forward on how many championships he wins. That’s it. Very similar to LeBron James, and Kobe Bryant, and Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson. He is one of the greats, he's going to continue to be one of the greats.”

Needless to say, RJ has really become a big and recognizable voice in the NBA media, and he brings a mix of comedy and seriousness to the table.

Going forward, it's safe to say we can expect more great content from the guy as he continues to get better at entertaining his audience.