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Richard Jefferson Roasted The Nets And The Magic: "This Is The Most Fans That Have Ever Watched A G-League Game."

Richard Jefferson Trolls Los Angeles Lakers Fans During Blowout Loss To The Pelicans: "It's So Quiet In Here You Can Literally Here A Mouse Fart."

Due to the Omicron variant of the coronavirus, it seems like the world is in for another major lockdown. Evidently, this has also impacted the NBA in a bad way. Many players are currently in the health and safety protocols which has affected the scheduled games of many teams.

The two teams that have suffered the most are unarguably the Brooklyn Nets and the Orlando Magic. Prior to the matchup between the two sides, a combined 24 players from both rosters were unavailable to participate. This led to fans seeing quite a surprising starting fives in the fixture.

Despite many top-notch players not being part of the game, NBA fans were present in abundance to support their respective teams. This led to former NBA player Richard Jefferson making a hilarious comment. During the game, Jefferson said:

"This is a little-known fact. This is the most fans that have ever watched a G-League game."

NBA fans were divided on the joke from Jefferson and reacted to it in an Instagram post by "NBA Buzz." Here are some of the best comments that were on the aforementioned Instagram post.

ralpppppp: "Xmas game Lakers vs Nets will be lit Expectations: Kd Vs Bron Reality: IT vs Blake Griffin 😂😂😂."

vayee.sq: "Nah he went too far but still funny tho."

_blitzdylaun: "Richard Jefferson suck too though 😂.

monkeydlui: "This is a grand opportunity for the kids to show what they can do."

migos_98: "See that’s why he always getting roasted."

jxnnxk041: "He needs to know, he played for some G-League teams in the NBA tho."

quanrichh: "He talkin like he ain’t get carried by Jason Kidd then carried by lebron stfu."

jmurph__1: "Lol Mfers retire and act like they are first ballot hall of famers."

isvvc__13: "He needs to be fired. He’s a s**t taking analyst."

arycahya: "Look at the empty bench."

thomas_widaman: "Bois sleep on Franz and Chum like they weren’t high picks."

Only a couple of fans found the joke funny by Jefferson. Instead, he was roasted by fans for his comments on the game.

Speaking of the game, due to being severely short-handed, the Nets suffered a defeat. But this was only their ninth defeat of the season and they still sit comfortably on top of the Eastern Conference with a record of 21-9.