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Rob Pelinka Doesn't Rule Out Lakers Trading Russell Westbrook This Offseason: "We're Gonna Look Under Every Stone For Ways To Be Better..."

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Russell Westbrook has been a heavily criticized player this season, due to his inconsistent performances with the Los Angeles Lakers. His deficiencies on the offensive end have been heavily highlighted by fans and analysts alike, in particular, his shot selection and turnovers.

Many have suggested that the easiest way to improve the team would be to trade Russell Westbrook. In his recent exit interview, Rob Pelinka lauded Russell Westbrook for battling "every game", but added that the team will "look under every stone" to get better for next season. (16:30)

Russ is a Hall of Fame player that gave everything he could to this organization this year. He battled every game, and we're so appreciative of that.

In terms of Russell Westbrook and his future, part of that is in his control... He has a team option, I'm sure he'll sit down with his agent and have discussions around that. And like any player, we'll partner with him after that decision is made about what's best for his future... Rest assured, we're gonna look under every stone for ways to be better, and be open to anything that will improve our team and put us in a position to compete at a higher level next year than we did this year.

That statement is not about any specific player on our roster, it is a general statement. I don't think it's fair today to take any player on our roster and discuss his future... but in general, the statement I made I stand behind.

It will be interesting to see if Russell Westbrook will end up accepting his player option, and what the Lakers do if he does. Russell Westbrook has previously expressed his desire to run it back with LeBron James and Anthony Davis, and there's still a chance that could happen.

Hopefully, the Los Angeles Lakers are able to figure things out and get better next season. LeBron James and Anthony Davis are still a championship-caliber duo, and perhaps we'll see Rob Pelinka assemble a better-fitting roster around them.