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Robert Sarver To Be Interviewed By Lawyers Amid Investigation Into Phoenix Suns

Suns Owner Robert Sarver Reportedly Wanted Local Strippers To Get Pregnant By NBA Players To Have An Advantage In Free Agency

Phoenix Suns owner Robert Sarver will be interviewed by lawyers conducting an investigation into him and the organization he owns after a lengthy report surfaced with many former and current workers of the team accusing Sarver and more executives of "racism and misogyny" at the workplace. 

This report made a lot of noise when it came out, prompting the league to hire a team of lawyers to dig up in this situation and find if these people were telling the truth or not. It's been a couple of months since that moment and now the biggest piece of the puzzle, Mr. Sarver, will be interviewed. 

ESPN's Baxter Holmes reports that the executive will now speak with investigators, which can be a key part of the process. Before this, they interviewed hundreds of people and now it's the turn of the person who allegedly started and encouraged these behaviors. 

The lawyers leading the NBA's investigation into the Phoenix Suns are preparing to interview Robert Sarver regarding the accusations against the team and its majority owner, sources close to the investigation told ESPN.

Sources said more than 300 people have been interviewed as part of the investigation, which the league launched in November after ESPN published a story that included allegations of racism and misogyny in a sometimes hostile and toxic workplace in Phoenix during Sarver's 17-year tenure.

New York-based Wachtell Lipton, which previously led ownership-centered investigations into the LA Clippers and Atlanta Hawks, has interviewed current and former employees who have worked at all levels of the organization since a Sarver-led group bought the Suns in 2004. Some have been interviewed multiple times, sources said.

The Phoenix Suns have had two incredible seasons, reaching the NBA Finals last year, and becoming the best team in the league this campaign. It's very unfortunate that off-court issues are hurting what the team has done on the floor. We hope the league and its team find the truth in this story and the Suns can focus only on their championship aspirations.