Rudy Gobert Responds To Twitter Trolls: "Spreading Hate Because They Are Not Happy Inside..."

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Rudy Gobert Responds To Twitter Trolls- "Spreading Hate Because They Are Not Happy Inside..."

3x Defensive Player of the Year Rudy Gobert got ran off the floor by the Clippers in the Western Conference Semi-Finals.

While the blame can't be put on him alone, he was really struggling to keep up defensively, and it cost his team immensely down the stretch.

Once the game was over, the Jazz eliminated, fans destroyed Gobert for his performance.

On Sunday, the Utah star finally fired back, sending out a series of Tweets in response to all the hate.

There is no question that Gobert is one of the best defenders in the NBA. He is an anchor in the middle and has helped the Jazz stay atop the league's defensive ratings for years.

But for as great as he is under the rim, he becomes much less effective on the perimeter, which is where the Clippers were leading him throughout the series.

Credit has to be given to L.A. for exploiting a flaw in Gobert's game and working it to their advantage.

As for Gobert himself, he hasn't yet wavered in confidence. He's happy to be where he's at and is clearly not being shy in clapping back at his haters.

Hopefully, Gobert and the Jazz will be able to silence the noise once and for all by getting over the hump and finally beginning home a Championship.