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Russell Westbrook Admits That He Is Not Playing Well: "I Gotta Be Better Overall. What I'm Doing Right Now Ain't Good Enough."

Russell Westbrook

Russell Westbrook and the Los Angeles Lakers just can't seem to get it right. The team lost their third straight game, this time to the Dallas Mavericks. The Lakers have looked really poor ever since they returned from the All-Star break last week. And after the game, Russell Westbrook acknowledged that he did not have a good game.

Westbrook scored just 12 points for the Los Angeles Lakers last night, going a poor 5-17 from the field. There was one small positive from Westbrook; 0 turnovers throughout the game. But despite being better with the ball, Westbrook underdelivered against the Mavericks, on a night where the Lakers could have really used his scoring.

Westbrook himself acknowledged that he played poorly after the game. During the post-game press conference, one reporter asked Russell Westbrook what part of the stat sheet he was so focused on. Westbrook noted that his numbers were not good, and he needs to be better as his current run of form isn't good enough for the Lakers.

"I gotta be better overall. What I’m doing right now ain’t good enough."

Westbrook has been accused of not taking accountability for his poor play at different points during the course of the season. So to hear him acknowledge that he needs to get better is great. Perhaps he and the Lakers can sit down, scour through game film, and figure out what areas he and the entire team need to improve on.

Fans of the Lakers were clearly not happy with the way their team played, and are starting to lose hope about making any kind of championship run. But LeBron James spoke after the game and said that the Lakers shouldn't be counted out, as he and his teammates have shown in the past that they can do what many people consider impossible for them.