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Russell Westbrook And Patrick Beverley Finally End Their Beef As Video Of Them Hugging Goes Viral

Russell Westbrook And Patrick Beverley Finally End Their Beef As Video Of Them Hugging Goes Viral

Russell Westbrook and Patrick Beverley are both players that have famously not gotten along during their careers. Westbrook has always been the superior player in terms of achievements and roles, having been a superstar. However, recent times have seen his star fall, and Russ is no longer the superstar that he once was. And there has been a strange turn of events, with Beverley now becoming Westbrook's teammate on the Los Angeles Lakers. 

There was a lot of speculation about what Beverley's acquisition meant for the Lakers and Westbrook, with many suggesting that this meant the team would move on from Russ. However, this doesn't seem to be the plan, Westbrook has recently been praised by ownership and management. The plan seems to keep Westbrook and potentially play both him and Beverley, and their beef could be ended soon, according to some

This would give rise to an interesting dynamic, with many discussing what it would mean for the Lakers on the court. Westbrook and Beverley have taken some intense shots at one another in the past, so that is expected to affect how they interact on the court. A recent development may mean that Lakers fans don't have as much to worry about as they might have thought, though.

Russell Westbrook And Patrick Beverley Seemingly Ended Their Beef

Westbrook and Beverley have already made up, with a video of them hugging recently hitting social media. It seemed to be before some sort of media commitment, and the hope is that they are quite okay with one another now. Understandably, fans had a few interesting and varied reactions to the clip.

"Need NBA Hard Knocks ASAP."

"Not exactly a full-throated reception from Russ, which I completely understand."

"Lmaoo this how the baby father & the new dude dap each other up at events for the kid."

"Boys ain’t eem look at each other it’s go be a interesting season."

"They've definitely sorted it out, man."

"Y'all some haters, it's clearly all love."

"Russ and Bev about to tear it up together."

"I'm totally not buying this from these two lol."

"The Lakers are the only franchise that can make this happen."

"They for sure cool with each other, it's never that deep at that level."

"Need the season to start ASAP."

There's no way to tell exactly how this will all play out, Russell Westbrook could still very much be traded. The star point guard and Patrick Beverley could also have settled their differences, but only the coming season will tell. Either way, it promises to be an exciting one in Laker land.