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Russell Westbrook Is Upset About Lakers Getting Eliminated From Playoff Contention: "It's Obviously Disappointing On Many Levels."

Russell Westbrook Denies Playing For The Lakers Was A Childhood Dream For Him

The Los Angeles Lakers have recently been eliminated from the play-in tournament recently, and there is no doubt that this was a disappointment to many Lakers fans worldwide. The team has no avenues to make the playoffs and will have to regroup in the postseason and figure out a way to be more competitive.

Russell Westbrook has recently offered a response to the Lakers being eliminated, claiming that it was "disappointing on many levels". There's no doubt that his statement echoes the sentiment of many others.

"It's obviously disappointing on many levels."

Earlier in the season, Russell Westbrook claimed that he has "no expectations" for how the season would go. However, it is clear now that he is definitely disappointed at how the season ended for the team.

“What did I envision? Is the season over? Is the season over? No? Thank you. What did you envision? Since you spoke for me, I want to know what you envisioned. You still haven’t answered my question. What did I envision? I want to know what you think my vision is. I have no expectations, that’s why you don’t know what I envision. The last 4 years I’ve been on 4 different teams. My vision of thinking everything is gonna be peaches and cream, that’s not realistic, that’s not life. So I come into every situation, start from ground zero and figure out along the way. I have no expectations of how things will work. I just try to find ways to best help my teammates and that’s about it.”

Hopefully, Russell Westbrook and the Los Angeles Lakers can find ways to be a better team in the future. Russell Westbrook has played pretty well to end the season, so hopefully, that continues into next season.

Russell Westbrook has been criticized a lot this season, but to be fair, the fit between him and the other stars on the Los Angeles Lakers wasn't perfect. Let's see if they can figure it out and come back with improved chemistry next season.