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Russell Westbrook Looks Dominant In Practice As He Dunks Over Three Defenders

Russell Westbrook Looks Dominant In Practice As He Dunks Over Three Defenders

With Russell Westbrook securing a move to the Los Angeles Lakers, fans have increasingly high expectations of him. For years, Westbrook has been a standout in the league as a solo act.

With a solid team around him, surrounded by superstars like LeBron James and Anthony Davis, Westbrook is expected to be a key star on a championship team.

The 2017 MVP has not been on a championship-contending team since 2016 when he and Kevin Durant were together in Oklahoma City. 

One of the biggest criticisms surround Westbrook is that he cannot help his teams win an NBA title, because his style of play is very individualistic. This is despite the fact that Westbrook has been averaging a triple-double for the last few seasons.

Last year, Westbrook dispelled the narrative of him being a selfish player, leading the NBA in assists. On top of that, Westbrook has been one of the most consistent playmakers in the NBA, often notching double-digit assists in games.

But many do believe that Westbrook will have to change his style of play in LA, but for different reasons. Over the last few years, Westbrook has been the primary orchestrator for his teams.

One of the most athletic players in NBA history, Westbrook is incredibly gifted at taking the ball to the hole. And in a recent practice video, Westbrook showed the ferocity that many Laker fans are expecting him to bring to their team this season.

During Westbrook's offseason workout, he took the ball and dunked it while three defenders with contact beams tried to stop and affect his drive. It's clear that Westbrook is taking the upcoming season very seriously.

Because of him being the primary star on his teams, Westbrook has the ball in his hands at most times.

But with the Lakers, that role goes to LeBron James. So Westbrook will have to be ready to be the third option on a stacked Lakers squad.