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Russell Westbrook On His Triple Double Records: "I Honestly Believe There Is No Player Like Myself."

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Russell Westbrook with the Washington Wizards

Russell Westbrook and triple-doubles are two things that are now frequently mentioned alongside one another. Westbrook putting up ridiculous statistics is something that people have gotten used to. Westbrook does it on a nightly basis, and despite his amazing numbers, he often gets hate from fans. Russell Westbrook is a unique player, and there should not be any doubt about his offensive prowess.

One of Russell Westbrook's defining traits is his confidence. To succeed as a superstar in the NBA, one has to be confident in themselves and their abilities as a player. Russell Westbrook addressed his triple-doubles to the media recently and has stated that there is no player that is quite like him.

Russell Westbrook mentions that if everyone could do what he does, then they would take that opportunity. To some extent, that is true. What guard doesn't want to rebound like Russell Westbrook? Russell Westbrook's athleticism and vision allow him to do things that other guards physically can't. It doesn't make sense that a player of his caliber gets intense hate from fans. Russell Westbrook is one of the best point guards in the league, and there is no one that should be taking what he can do for granted.

Russell Westbrook is one of the most polarizing, but also the most unique players in the league. In an era where point guards are expected to shoot the 3 ball at a high volume, Westbrook has succeeded with his own style of play. Russell Westbrook won't be around forever, and it is time that we all started to appreciate what he can do.