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Russell Westbrook On Oklahoma City: "This Place Was Home And Still Is Home For Me.”

Russell Westbrook

Despite stints in Houston, D.C., and Los Angeles, Russell Westbrook has not lost his love for Oklahoma City.

OKC, which he called home for 11 years, recently honored Westbrook by giving him a key to the city for his donation of a basketball court to Capitol Hill. After his visit on Monday, he sent out the following message:

“I want to continue to support things in Oklahoma City as much as I can. This place was home and still is home for me.”

Westbrook's best years were in Oklahoma City. There, he first blossomed into a star and ended up making a Finals run with Kevin Durant and James Harden.

Even after their departure years later, he would stay on for a while and cement his legacy as the greatest player in the franchise's history.

“Russell Westbrook is the most important player in the brief history of the Oklahoma City Thunder," said Sam Presti in 2019. "He has left an indelible mark on this team, city and state. None of us could have anticipated the player he has become, and we are all deeply proud of what he has contributed to the success of the franchise and to our community. Russell and his wife Nina, their three children, his brother and his parents will always remain part of the Thunder family."

Russ was at his peak with the Thunder until he left the team a few years ago. Since his exit, Russ has only known dysfunction and failure, and that is especially true for this past season with the Lakers.

Amid poor play from him and the team as a whole, Russ has been at the center of criticism and backlash, with many experts questioning how much longer he'll even be in the league

Whatever the case, one must not forget his amazing career and all the things he accomplished that have solidified his legacy as one of the All-Time greats.