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Russell Westbrook Says He Must Adjust To LeBron James And Anthony Davis During The Season: "I'll Find A Way"

Lakers’ Big Three Of LeBron James, Anthony Davis, And Russell Westbrook Will Play Together For First Time In Preseason Game Against The Warriors

Russell Westbrook has joined the Los Angeles Lakers, finally forming a big three in LA to compete with the Brooklyn Nets. Russ will team up with LeBron James and Anthony Davis to give the Lakers a trio that can help win them the NBA championship.

Westbrook has been in the NBA for quite some time but hasn't been with a championship-contending team for 5 years now. The last time he was on a legitimate championship contender was when he and Kevin Durant played together in the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Since then, Westbrook has had a tumultuous time in the NBA. He won the MVP in 2017 but failed to make any noise with OKC. In 2019, he joined the Rockets, where he and James Harden weren't able to get past the 2nd round. 

He left the next season and joined the Wizards, where he was able to get them to the playoffs, but got eliminated by the Philadelphia 76ers in the first round. And this summer, he got traded to the Los Angeles Lakers, bringing him back to his hometown team.

Russ recently revealed that he secretly always wanted to join the Lakers. Despite his inherent desire to come to LA, there are questions about his fit with the franchise. Fans are wondering how Westbrook's solo-heavy game will mesh with LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

But Westbrook says that it is his responsibility to adapt. He recently said to the press that LeBron James and Anthony Davis should not adapt their game for him, and it is his duty to adjust his game for them. He also added that he would find a way to mesh with them during the course of the season.

The Lakers are considered one of the favorites to win the title this season. But they are still not considered better than the Brooklyn Nets. With Westbrook, the Lakers at least have a trio that can go against the one in Brooklyn.

How the Lakers are able to link together on the court still remains to be seen. The Lakers lost their opening preseason game to the Nets, but they didn't have LeBron James and Russell Westbrook playing. As the season goes forward, we will get a better idea of how the Lakers will play together.