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Russell Westbrook Sparks Speculation About His Future After He Likes Comment About Leaving The Lakers

Russell Westbrook Likes Fan’s Instagram Comment Asking Him To Not Go Back To The Lakers Next Season: “Do Whatever It Takes To Go Somewhere Else Or Even Consider Retiring, But Leave Lakers Alone Dude Please.”

In the aftermath of another failed experiment, it's no wonder why Russell Westbrook is ready to leave again.

He was the scapegoat for a wildly disappointing season and there is no telling what will happen if he plays for them again next year.

At this point, even Russell Westbrook is dropping hints of a possible departure.

On Instagram, for example, he raised suspicions after liking a very questionable comment about his future.

The mutual disdain between Russ and the Lakers organization is probably the NBA's worst-kept secret. In the weeks after their final game, multiple reports have surfaced stressing just how bad things got.

"Throughout the NBA, teams are also keeping an eye on how the Lakers manage the Westbrook situation (wrote The Athletic's Shams Charania). Westbrook remained a professional throughout the season, but his partnership with Vogel failed to gain traction as the season went on. In an early-season film session, assistant coach David Fizdale challenged Westbrook on his shot selection, and the two had an animated exchange, sources said. That was one of the instances when Westbrook was challenged by a coach or teammate, and the style the coaching staff envisioned for Westbrook did not match what took place on the court."

From the very beginning, Russ was doomed to fail. He didn't fit right with his co-stars and the coaching staff knew it. As Westbrook continued to struggle, many of his teammates were in and out of the lineup constantly.

By the end, all that was left was a shell of a team -- and they finished the season 11th in the West.

But is the nightmare really over for Westbrook? Is he on his way out? With over $40 million in the balance, it's likely that Russ accepts his player option and opts into one more season.

But his trade value is at an all-time low and the Lakers may soon find out just how hard it is to get themselves out of his contract.