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Scottie Pippen On Isiah Thomas: "I Don’t Recall Talking To Him A Day Since I’ve Been On This Earth."

Scottie Pippen On Isiah Thomas: "I Don’t Recall Talking To Him A Day Since I’ve Been On This Earth."

Over the past few months, Scottie Pippen has been overtly vocal about his disdain for Michael Jordan, expressing that he feels underappreciated by his former teammate.

But if there's one person who Scottie dislikes more than Michael right now, it's Isiah Thomas.

The Detroit legend was the star point guard for the Pistons back in the day and often used their identity as "bad boys" to assault Jordan and his team during games.

That strategy worked a lot of times, but it came with the nasty consequence of being disliked by two of the game's most elite players.

Even today, Pippen refuses to bury the hatchet.

(via GQ Sport)

Q: Have you talked to Isiah since the book tour or anything at all? Mending anything?

Pippen: “I don’t recall talking to Isiah a day since I’ve been on this Earth."

Q: "Not one time?"

Pippen: "No."

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You can tell by Pippen's sternness that there are definitely still some bitter feelings.

Of course, it's no secret that both he and MJ have their problems with I.T. 

In his book, 'Unguarded,' Pippen took one of his biggest shots towards the former Pistons star.

“In the spring of 2020, while the doc was being aired, Isiah was interested in the two of us declaring a truce,” Pippen wrote. “He reached out to B. J. Armstrong, who called me: ‘Would you be willing to talk to him?’ B.J. asked. Dude, are you kidding me? When I came into the league, he was never nice to me. Why would I want to meet with him now? Isiah is no fool. He knows better than anyone else how poorly he came across in The Last Dance, and with good reason. I wasn’t about to make it easier for him.”

It's been decades since Thomas and Pippen have had to cross paths, and Isiah seems more than willing to try and work things out.

Unfortunately, Scottie isn't having it and continues to carry spite for the guy to this day.