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Scottie Pippen Takes A Shot At The Media For Never Voting Him For DPOY: "I Think They Were Too Busy Watching Michael"

Scottie Pippen Says He Wouldn't Play Game 7 Of The 1998 NBA Finals If Michael Jordan Missed The Last Shot Over Bryon Russell

Scottie Pippen has been making headlines for a while now, especially with his relationship with Michael Jordan. The 'point-forward' created a terrific duo with Jordan in Chicago, winning six championships together, living incredible moments in Windy City. 

As we all know now, Scottie wasn't so happy with the way things were handled back in the day, and Michael's treatment of his teammates. Pippen has taken many shots at his former partner in crime and he's shown no remorse for that. The relationship with MJ is ruined now, and Scottie isn't changing his speech about Jordan. 

During a new interview, where he talked about his book and the things he lived during his time in Chicago, Pippen took a shot at the media for never voting for him as the DPOY, saying that they were too busy watching Mike instead of paying attention to Pippen's defensive efforts. 

“I think they were too busy watching Michael,” Pippen said, via Brad Sullivan of Ahn Fire Digital.

Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan were two of the best defensive players in the league during their active days. Jordan was incredibly talented when scoring, but he also gave problems to rivals on the other end of the ball. He's one of the few players that have won the MVP and DPOY awards

Pippen was also great, and he could be a solid scorer while giving hell on defense, but that wasn't as appreciated as he wanted. Many years after he retired from the game, Scottie has decided to break his silence and take shots at the people who helped him become the big legend he is. 

There's no doubt he's one of the greatest players of all time, but his recent actions and comments about Jordan, Phil Jackson, and the Bulls have damaged his image.