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Shannon Sharpe: "Kevin Durant Is Upset That He’s Not Beloved Like LeBron James, That He's Not Beloved Like Stephen Curry. And He’s Never Going To Be."

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(via NetsDaily)

(via NetsDaily)

Kevin Durant is a two-time champion and is known as one of the best scorers that have ever lived. While everyone respects his ability on the court, he is also known as somebody who left the small-market franchise of Oklahoma City Thunder to go form a superteam with the Golden State Warriors. That move has drawn the ire of many fans, who blamed Kevin Durant for the formation of the dominant Warriors superteam from a few seasons ago.

Shannon Sharpe has recently claimed that Kevin Durant is not as beloved as legends such as Stephen Curry or LeBron James. That was in response to Kevin Durant reportedly liking a Tweet that said negative things about Stephen Curry and more specifically calling Curry "trash". The Tweet claimed that Stephen Curry couldn't get the job done without another MVP and 3 other All-Stars. Kevin Durant did "un-like" the Tweet, which could mean that it was an accident. Whether Kevin Durant meant to like the Tweet or not, it prompted a reaction from Shannon on the matter.

Kevin Durant is upset that he's not beloved like LeBron James. That he's not beloved like Stephen Curry, and he's never going to be. But that's okay. It doesn't take away from his greatness... It's okay that you're not as beloved as LeBron, that you're not as beloved as Steph, but you're a great player. Why do you need to do this? And you wonder why people look at you. They're thinking you dapping everybody up and everybody before the game, and they looking at you: you're a weasel. You're really a snake.... As great as Kevin Durant is, he's an MVP, he's a two-time Finals MVP, and you gotta take a shot at Stephen Curry? The man that welcomed you with open arms... KD don't like KD. This is all about KD... KD you outta pocket with this... You just really need to grow up.

Shannon Sharpe certainly had a strong position on Kevin Durant. Sharpe and Durant have feuded on social media before, so Sharpe going at Kevin Durant isn't exactly unheard of. If Kevin Durant did like the Tweet on purpose though, then it could definitely be interpreted as him taking a shot at Stephen Curry. While Kevin Durant is a great player, it definitely is strange to take shots at a player like Curry who helped him win two championships.