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Shaquille O'Neal: "Michael Jordan Is The GOAT, No One Is Even Close"



There's so much buzz going on around Michael Jordan right now, it's kind of hard to keep up. Thanks to "The Last Dance," the world is fascinated by his run in a time where there were so many obstacles.

As far as the GOAT debate goes, it's becoming less of a "debate" with each episode. Many people in the NBA community have already admitted that Mike is truly the greatest ever. In fact, former NBA superstar center Shaquille O'Neal went so far as to say nobody is even close.

"The fair thing to say is we should probably break it down by eras on who was the best player ever, but it's Michael Jordan by far," Shaq said. "Some of the things he's done, I don't see anybody being close to that. He's a 10. There's a lot of 7s or 8s around there but there's no 9s or 10s."

When it came to the basketball court, MJ was about as perfect as one could get. Skillwise, he could score (inside and out), defend, and rebound. He knew how to lead his group -- how to motivate them, and he knew how to instill fear into his opponents.

Shaq said he'd average well over "forty-five" points today, and while that number seems ridiculous, nothing really is when it comes to Michael.