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Shaq O'Neal Says Him And Dwyane Wade Never Had Problems During Their Time On The Miami Heat: "It's Your Team."

Shaquille O'Neal and Dwyane Wade

Shaquille O'Neal was undoubtedly a dominant center throughout his peak. His leading the Los Angeles Lakers to a 3 peat in the early 2000s says enough about him as a player. Despite his achievements on the Los Angeles Lakers, he was eventually traded to the Miami Heat, where he managed to win another ring on top of the three-peat.

Part of Shaquille O'Neal's success in Miami was dictated by his co-star, Dwyane Wade. It is clear that their partnership worked out, and O'Neal has revealed that their dynamic was great, as well as mentioning that he willingly became took a back seat on that team. (0:20)

When I got to D-Wade, I was like, ‘I know you heard all the stories, it’s your team.‘ What I should have did in L.A... You're the CEO, I'll be the consultant. When the Lakers were talking about trading me, I was like, ‘I know where I wanna go.’ I wanna go back to Florida….. and play with him (Dwyane Wade).

“As soon as I got there I said, ‘look man, you have this, you have heard that, me and you gonna have no problem, you’re the man. Take as many shots as you want. I have to get 28, 10 to make everybody feel good, think myself real good. We never had problems.

It is clear that Shaquille O'Neal and Dwyane Wade had a great partnership, and part of it was O'Neal letting Wade take the reins. The rest is history. The pair won a championship in 2006, which suggests that O'Neal's actions were the right path to take in order to win at the highest level.