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Luka Doncic Reportedly Signs With 2K, Ends Deal With EA Sports

(via Dallas Morning News)

(via Dallas Morning News)

NBA 2K is the most prominent basketball game in the market, and there are many basketball fans who love to sit down and enjoy their version of virtual basketball. There are a lot of players who play 2K as well, showing the wide reach of the game. Part of that popularity is due to the athletes themselves being affiliated with the game, with prominent superstars on the cover.

It seems as though 2K may have recently reached a coup, as there is a report that Luka Doncic reportedly signed a deal with the video game franchise. According to an article on, Luka Doncic has ended his deal with EA Sports, who were the makers of the NBA Live franchise, now on indefinite hiatus. According to the article, Doncic was frustrated with NBA Live's lack of progress, which led him to sign with the makers of the biggest basketball video game in the business.

According to sources with knowledge of the situation, Dallas Mavericks superstar Luka Doncic has broken away from a deal with EA sports, and he has signed with 2K.

No details were revealed on the new agreement, but it makes Doncic the favorite to be the cover athlete for NBA 2K22.

According to the source, Doncic grew frustrated with the lack of development associated with the NBA Live brand. Because the NBA Live franchise is on an indeterminate hiatus, Doncic’s earning potential attached to the agreement with EA, or any other sports video game, was going to waste.

Luka Doncic would certainly have a better shot at reaching more fans by being associated with 2K. If Doncic is the cover athlete, then his popularity will increase even further than it is now. While we don't know who the next 2K cover athlete will be quite yet, Luka Doncic would be a great option. Overall, it is clear from this report that Doncic simply wants to be associated with a top-tier basketball video game.