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Shaq O'Neal Says The WNBA Should Lower The Rims So Players Would Dunk More

Shaq O'Neal Says WNBA Should Lower The Rims So Players Would Dunk More

Shaquille O'Neal is not strange to making controversial comments on live TV and he added another one to his portfolio during a recent edition of TNT's Inside the NBA. The former Los Angeles Lakers and Miami Heat star was trying to bring suggestions for the WNBA to add more spice to the competition but his ideas weren't welcome.

Shaq said that in order to increase the number of dunks in the league, they could lower the rims so the women would have more chances to dunk the ball, which would bring more attention to the competition.

“I have a way to make it equal,” Shaq said to Candace Parker. “So in beach volleyball, the women’s net is maybe a half-an-inch lower. You think if we lower the rim so y’all can dunk like we dunk that would give y’all more oomph than you already have?”

Although this may sound like a very good idea, Parker didn't like it and she let Shaq know that the next generation of players is going to dunk that ball without making any change to the rim.

“My next child will be drop-step dunking. I promise you,” she said.

Candace is not a stranger when it comes to dunking. She has won competitions, has dunked the basketball in college and WNBA games, so if somebody can talk with property about this, that's her. However, not everybody in the WNBA has the talent she has and it'll be hard to see more players dunking but she's convinced it won't be long until we start seeing more and more dunks in the WNBA.

Dunking the ball was like eating candy for Shaq. He was an unstoppable force in the league and whenever he wanted to go to the rim, nobody could stop him. Perhaps this idea could help a lot of women to get more chances to dunk but that's not what Candace wants. She's ready to prove that the WNBA doesn't need to have this 'advantage' to dunk the ball more often.