Vanessa Bryant Reveals On Instagram The Names Of 4 Deputies That Shared Pictures Of Kobe Bryant's Remains

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Vanessa Bryant Reveals The Names Of 4 Deputies That Shared Pictures Of Kobe Bryant's Remains

Vanessa Bryant, the widow of the Los Angeles Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant, took to Instagram to reveal the names of the 4 deputies that took pictures of Kobe with entertaining purposes and dared to share them with the world. Vanessa filed a lawsuit for the violation of the privacy of the victims and their families, and she shared some parts of the lawsuit against the Los Angeles County Sheriff's and Fire departments.


According to the case, she shared her initial concern for the privacy of the crash site almost immediately with Sheriff Alex Villanueva. Despite assurances provided by Villanueva at the time, a subsequent investigation by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department showed that one deputy took between 25 and 100 photos on his personal cell phone -- including some focused solely on the victims' remains.

Many of those photos, the suit alleges, were quickly shared through text message and the AirDrop feature on iPhones to other deputies within the L.A. County Sheriff's Department who had no connection to the investigation.

Bryant highlighted the names of the officers -- Joey Cruz, Rafael Mejia, Michael Russell, and Raul Versales -- with red markings on her initial post. Earlier this month, she won a case against the L.A. County Sheriff's Department to have the names of the four deputies released.

Kobe's death was a very tragic moment not only for his family but the rest of the world. He left a big mark on everybody's life and that will never be erased. What these officers did is something incredible and even more knowing with what purpose some of those photos were used.

We're living in a crazy world and these situations only confirm that some people have no empathy for others. Mr. Villanueva said they would try to keep this case private and not go to social media to share any of that but that's something that could have been avoided if these people did their job properly.