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Shaq O'Neal Says Tim Duncan Have Won Only 4 Championships

Shaq O'Neal Says Tim Duncan Have Won Only 4 Championships

Shaquille O'Neal just can't stop. The former center has engaged in a verbal feud with Draymond Green and the Golden State Warriors and he doesn't seem to be stopping anytime soon. Moreover, Shaq decided to take a shot at the San Antonio Spurs and the biggest star in franchise history, Tim Duncan.

Duncan is a five-time NBA champion, all won with the Spurs, but O'Neal believes people should only count four titles in TD's resume. Why? Because he believes the 1999 NBA championship, the first one in San Antonio's history, should count since that happened in a shortened season.

"I'll tell all of San Antonio to its face - you only have four. It's an asterisk. That's what I think. I would tell Mr. Duncan to his face you have four rings. It says you have five but the asterisks don't count. In anything I do I never want asterisks about it," Shaq said on The Big Podcast.

That campaign only had 50 games in the regular season due to a lockout. However, the rest of the playoffs were played out as usual, with the Spurs getting a 15-2 record on their way to the championship, defeating the New York Knicks 4 to 1 in the Finals.

Shaq has been taking shots at Duncan and the Spurs in recent times and this is another one he took at the Big Fundamental. In the end, TD would finish his career with five titles while Shaq could get four, three with the Lakers and one with the Miami Heat.