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Shaquille O'Neal Claims That He'd Coach The Lakers If Offered A 4-Year Contract Worth $25 Million A Year

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Shaquille O'Neal Claims That He'd Coach The Lakers If Offered A 4-Year Contract Worth $25 Million A Year

The Los Angeles Lakers have been extremely disappointing this season. After being touted as a championship contender at the start of the season. They ended up missing the playoffs entirely and didn't even qualify for the play-in tournament.

After the season, coach Frank Vogel was dismissed by the Los Angeles Lakers, and the natural question among people was about who would replace him. Some have already made suggestions, with Kenny Smith notably claiming that Mark Jackson is someone that could lead the Lakers to a championship.

I don't know if anyone can save the day... Mark Jackson, he knows how to handle that kind of environment. He put the Warriors in contention of what they are. The way they play, their style of play. Steph Curry owes a lot to his career, because before Mark got there, Steph Curry wouldn’t even play in 4th quarters. We wouldn’t think he was a great player, a great defender.

Mark Jackson could coach the Lakers to a championship, for sure... That would be a good pick. Mark Jackson, Lakers' next coach.

Shaquille O'Neal has recently joked about potentially coaching the Los Angeles Lakers, claiming that he'd coach the team if he got offered $25 million for 4 years. It would definitely be interesting to see if the legend was able to get the best out of the Lakers' roster next season.

If the Lakers offered me $25 million a year, for 4 years, I'd coach the Lakers.

It is highly unlikely that Shaquille O'Neal becomes the Los Angeles Lakers' next head coach. There are definitely some more realistic coaching candidates for the team, and it remains to be seen who the Lakers end up choosing.

There is definitely an appeal to coaching the Los Angeles Lakers. The star duo of LeBron James and Anthony Davis is one of the best in the league, and the front office will likely try to put a competitive roster around them. Hopefully, we see the team find more success next year, and not repeat the mistakes of this season.