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Shaquille O'Neal: “Just Because I Have More Than The Average Guy, It Doesn’t Mean I’m Better.”

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Shaquille O'Neal may be well known for criticizing players without an apparent reason. This has happened a lot in the past couple of seasons. But, the 4x NBA champion is a lot more than that. 

Shaq has demonstrated over and over again that he's more than the guy who goes after players on live TV. He is a very generous person who doesn't hesitate to help others. 

Instagram account Shaq Updates recently shared a video of O'Neal revealing why he always helps people. He knows he is in a privileged position and helping out those who live check to check is not a problem for the center. 

The video shows the Los Angeles Lakers and Miami Heat icon at a restaurant, asking people if they wanted to eat something. He ended up getting some chicken sandwiches for two people, including somebody who had a Lakers tattoo. 

“Just because I have more than the average guy, it doesn’t mean I’m better than the average guy," Shaq said. 

This shows how great of a person he is. You can love or hate his takes but there's no doubt that Shaq, the person, is a real one. 

Not long ago, it was revealed that he bought an engagement ring for somebody at a local jewelry store. Moreover, he said he once bought furniture for an old lady whose house was burned. This is the real Shaq. One that doesn't think twice to help people.