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LeBron James Has Never Lost A First-Round Playoff Series: 14-0 In His Career


LeBron James is about to start a new playoffs run with the Los Angeles Lakers. But, this time, the picture looks very different for the King and his team after finishing 7th in the Western Conference.

The surprising Phoenix Suns will try to take the Lakers out in the first round, but the purple and gold have at least 10 reasons to be confident that they can win this series. Moreover, LeBron has an incredible personal record in these stages, and he's ready to improve his streak of first-round wins. 

James has never lost a first-round playoffs series. He has a 14-0 record so far in his career, always making it to the Conference Semifinals. That's not good news for the Suns, who tried to end this row this year.

The first time LeBron made the playoffs was in 2006. Ever since that, he's only missed the postseason once, in 2019, where injuries prevented him from taking a young Lakers team to the promised land. 

Redditor "iChrilly" listed all the first-round series in LeBron's career, showing how great this man is when the postseason starts. 

  • 2006 CLE (4) vs. WAS (2) 
  • 2007 CLE (4) vs. WAS (0)
  • 2008 CLE (4) vs. WAS (2)
  • 2009 CLE (4) vs. DET (0)
  • 2010 CLE (4) vs. CHI (1)
  • 2011 MIA (4) vs. PHI (1)
  • 2012 MIA (4) vs. NYK (1)
  • 2013 MIA (4) vs. MIL (0)
  • 2014 MIA (4) vs. CHA (0)
  • 2015 CLE (4) vs. BOS (0)
  • 2016 CLE (4) vs. DET (0)
  • 2017 CLE (4) vs. IND (0)
  • 2018 CLE (4) vs. IND (3)
  • 2020 LAK (4) vs. POR (1)

He's ready to extend that streak to 15-0 this term, but the Suns won't be the easiest rival of all. Chris Paul and Devin Booker will try to surprise the favorite Lakers, but that won't be easy. 

Beating playoffs LeBron James isn't easy, and the Suns will probably learn that the hard way. The Lakers will have an arduous path to defend their NBA title. Yet, as long as they have the King on the court, they will have a chance.