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Shaquille O'Neal Promised His Father He Would Take Care Of His Entire Family And He Fulfilled The Promise

Shaquille O'Neal Promised His Father He Would Take Care Of His Entire Family And He Fulfilled The Promise

Shaquille O'Neal is not only an amazing basketball player, but he is a great son, husband, and father as well. Playing in the NBA is not everyone's cup of tea, it takes years of hard work and determination to reach that level. Sometimes, it could mean neglecting your own family to focus more on your career.

While some players might do that, O'Neal is not one of them. Throughout his life, he has been there for his family. Since retiring from the league, Shaq has invested in some amazing businesses to increase his net worth multiple times. Keeping that in mind, it is safe to say; he has taken amazing care of his family.

Before making it to the NBA, Shaq wanted to play like Magic. It was his stepfather Phillip Harrison who put him on the right path. Shaq reveals that every time he left his house, he didn't know what to expect from the outside world. Wherever he went, bad things waited for him. 

"My father used to come to class and whoop me in front of everybody. Yeah. Long time ago. But, I was a major, high-level juvenile delinquent that could've definitely been in trouble all the time. Every time I left the house, it was trials and tribulations for me. 'Do I put this needle here? Do I smoke here? Do I sell this? Do I carry this gun for this guy? Every time I left the house. And my father knew I was stubborn and hard-headed, that's why he knew that all the tactics he used on me would definitely work. And it did work."

O'Neal learned valuable lessons during that time, but the most important of all was that he needed to care for his family. Shaq explains that Harrison asked him to make a promise to take care of his family. 

"My father taught me not to really cry and be sad, so when he passed away I really let it go, because I didn't get to tell him thank you enough. ... Father taught me a long time ago, it's a man's job to protect and provide. So now that the don is gone, second in charge, which is me, I protect them and provide for my family. My brother's and sister's family. My mother's family. It's what you got to do as a man. 

"College needs to be paid for, let the godfather do it. You need a new car? Let the godfather do it. And that's my job."

Shaq lost his father in 2013, but he surely hasn't let him down. He is a successful investor and is still connected to the NBA. While fans usually get to say the humorous side of O'Neal in the NBA on TNT, this was something that would make anyone emotional.

At the end of the day, he is handling the responsibilities that his father entrusted to him perfectly. Knowing Shaq, he will continue to do so in the future as well.