Shaquille O'Neal Walked Into A McDonalds And Saw A Homeless Guy Without Food, So He Decide To Buy Him Some

shaq burger

Shaquille O'Neal is a big man with a bigger heart. He's always had incredible gestures with strangers that can't believe the NBA legend made their life a lot better. 

A couple of months ago, he helped a young man get an engagement ring. Prior to that, he told the story of when he bought furniture for a lady whose house was burned down. Of course, these aren't the only stories we know about Shaq's generosity. 

Recently, an old video of him buying food for a homeless man surfaced, showing that this isn't new for the former Los Angeles Lakers, Miami Heat star. 

O'Neal asks a homeless man if he's hungry before buying him two chicken sandwiches. Furthermore, he offers to pay for another man's food. This second person had a Lakers tattoo and the former center was happy to help him, too. 

The former No. 1 overall pick explained that having more than the average people doesn't make him better than anybody, which is why he's always trying to help. 

“Just because I have more than the average guy, it doesn’t mean I’m better than the average guy," Shaq said. 

The Big Diesel is really a character. You can dislike his basketball opinions all you want, but there's no doubt that this man has a big heart and always tries to make this world a better place. After learning all these stories, it's fair to say that he's doing a terrific job.