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Skip Bayless Calls LeBron James ‘The Most Overprotected And Under Criticized Superstar’ In NBA History

Skip Bayless Calls LeBron James ‘The Most Overprotected And Undercriticized Superstar’ In NBA History

Skip Bayless is known across the world as LeBron James' biggest critic. 

Bayless has made a career out of being critical of LeBron James, constantly putting him down, mocking his accomplishments, and celebrating his failures. Bayless has been LeBron's biggest detractor for decades now and has made it his mission to show the world that LeBron James will never come close to Michael Jordan.

But his latest comments on LeBron James may have taken things to another level. 

On a recent episode of Undisputed, Skip Bayless said that LeBron James is the most overprotected and under criticized superstar in the history of the NBA. He brought examples from LeBron's most notable playoff failures and claimed that LeBron got away from underperforming without an ounce of criticism.

“To me, LeBron James over the expanse of his career has been the most overprotected and under criticized superstar I have ever encountered. How can you defend Games 4,5, and 6 against Boston in 2010, when his owner accused him of quitting and somebody from his inner circle said that he had to be sedated… How do you defend Games 4, 5, and 6, that meltdown against Dallas in the Finals, that’s just impossible to defend. How can you defend the last 3 minutes of regulation in 2013, he just completely unravelled, 3 turnovers in the last 3 minutes… In 2014, he gets blown off the floor in the Finals by a record Finals margin, I dare anybody to go look at the tapes of Games 3 and 4 in Miami and tell me what you dont see from LeBron James, because it was 1-1 going back. That happened, 5 games… LeBricked the tying 3, long rebound to Chris Bosh, kick to corner, Ray Allen saved his legacy. He should have 7 Finals losses… 2018 Game 1 in Golden State, how do you get let off the hook for what happened, he passes it, the free throw gets missed, JR loses his mind, then LeBron just quits on his team in overtime.”

Bayless' argument is not true at all. Every one of the failures that Bayless mentioned led to LeBron James getting massively criticized in the media. If anything, Bayless was the one leading the charge for that criticism. 

On top of that, for Bayless, someone who criticizes LeBron James for almost anything he does on and off the court, it is ironic that he is making that statement. Bayless has been pushing a narrative against LeBron James for quite some time, so it is confusing where Bayless is coming from when it comes to this topic.