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Skip Bayless Calls Out Draymond Green Over His Friendship With LeBron James: "It Sure Looked Like You Allowed LeBron To Buy Your Loyalty, To Buy You Off."


The NBA has seen multiple rivalries over the years. Be it the incredible rivalry between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics or the likes of the Chicago Bulls clashing against the Detroit Pistons. These rivalries often leave a significant impact on the game and its fans as well.

More recently, it was the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors who were considered as rivals by multiple NBA fans. Facing off against each other in 4 NBA Finals, the Warriors and the Cavaliers had some of the best matches the league has ever seen. While the Dubs winning 3 Finals matchups might make this rivalry lopsided, the sheer tension between the two squads made these matchups a must-watch.

Arguably, two cornerstones of this rivalry were LeBron James and Draymond Green. While Bron was the talismanic figure for the underdog Cavaliers, Green was often the one who was willing to disrupt the Cavs game plan and was at the receiving end of multiple foul calls. The best example of this was the 2016 NBA Finals, where Green fouled LeBron with a cheap shot and ended up missing Game 5.

Over the years, though, the rivalry between the two stars has mellowed down quite a bit, and it seems like the two have reconciled. Be it Green often showing up to parties hosted by Bron or partnering with King James' tequila brand Lobos, Draymond has become a close friend of James over the years.

It seems like NBA analyst Skip Bayless is bothered by these recent developments. In a recent episode of the Skip Bayless Show, the veteran analyst claimed that Green is a sellout and sold his loyalty to LeBron James.

“Once upon a time during Game 4 of the 2016 Finals, Draymond, you called LeBron on the court a b**ch to his face. You kicked him below the belt, you kicked several people below the belt, you obviously got suspended for Game 5 and the rest is NBA history."

“Soon after that season ended, it sure looked like you allowed LeBron to buy your loyalty, to buy you off. You became business partners with him. What a sellout!”'

This is certainly a very shallow statement to make by the veteran analyst. While Green and Bron used to be rivals, over the years, the two clashing against one another for a title have been rare and on the court, Draymond is still the same hard-nosed defender willing to make the dirtiest play.

Irrespective of their relationship off the court, LBJ and Green are perhaps one of the most professional individuals out there, and calling one of them a sellout is uncalled for.