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Skip Bayless: “Kevin Durant Proves Once Again On National TV Why He's Clearly The Best Player On The Planet."

Skip Bayless: “Kevin Durant Proves Once Again On National TV Why He's Clearly The Best Player On The Planet."

To the surprise of nobody, Kevin Durant has been one of the best performers in the NBA so far this season. The 2-time NBA champion has had a hot start to the season and is playing elite-level basketball for the Nets. One of the greatest scorers of all time, Durant has been a scoring machine this season.

While the Nets have struggled early in the season, losing games that they should have been winning comfortably, no one can blame Kevin Durant for those losses. Durant is currently averaging 27 points per game, his best average since his final season in Oklahoma City. 

The Nets' struggles have more to do with their other star players. The poor form of James Harden has been a big problem for the Nets. On top of that, losing Kyrie Irving due to the vaccine mandate in New York has been a big problem. Even Durant openly admitted that he and the team miss Kyrie.

Perhaps they won't have to be without him for too long, as the vaccine mandate could change in January, allowing him to return. While Irving's return will be a big boost for the Nets, it won't impact Durant's performance too much. Despite the Nets being poor, KD has been a solid performer so far.

Many fans believe that Durant is the best player in the world right now. With LeBron James losing a step due to age, and Giannis Antetokounmpo's shooting still not being on par for that of a superstar in the modern NBA, Durant is the most well-rounded superstar in the league right now.

One person who has been vocal about Durant's position as the best player in the world is Skip Bayless. Bayless took to Twitter after the Nets' win over the Atlanta Hawks, saying that Durant proved again that he is the best player in the world, something he is not surprised by.

Durant had 32 points, 7 rebounds, and 5 assists against the Hawks. While Bayless calling KD the best player in the world may have more to do with his dislike of LeBron James, it is hard to argue with him over that statement.

Durant and the Nets will be focused on their next game against the Detroit Pistons on Friday night. While the Pistons should not cause any problems for the Nets, they cannot take any game for granted, especially given how they've started the season so far.