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Skip Bayless On LeBron James: "This Is Your Easiest Path Ever To A Ring."

(via Philadelphia Inquirer)

(via Philadelphia Inquirer)

LeBron James and the L.A. Lakers are up 2-0 in the NBA Finals and it has come with little adversity.

Winning in just five games in each of the past three series, the Lakers have dominated their opponents in the 2020 postseason -- having yet to really face a challenge along the way.

This Finals series may actually be their easiest series yet and, according to Skip Bayless, it has all come together to create LeBron's easiest path to the title yet.

In the first round, the Lakers faced a Portland team who had been scratching and crawling their way to the playoffs. By the time they were ready to face the Lakers, the team was gassed, having been on the brink of elimination for months.

In round two, L.A. faced a small-ball Rockets team who was clearly ill-equipped to handle the likes of Anthony Davis.

And, finally, in round three, the Purple and Gold went up against the Nuggets, who didn't seem to have nearly enough to win the series.

In this series against Miami (who finished fifth in their conference this season), the Lakers are the clearly superior squad and their play on the court has only backed up that fact.

The truth is, even under these current circumstances, this may be one of LeBron's easier paths to a title.

Whether or not that's an indictment on LeBron, though, is up for you to decide.