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Skip Bayless On Russell Westbrook Playing With Rajon Rondo: "Are We Sure That Russ Will Be Able To Move On From The Incident With Rondo? It Got Pretty Ugly In The Bubble.”

Credit: AP

Credit: AP

The Los Angeles Lakers made two of the most interesting moves of the offseason.

They traded for Russell Westbrook, which led to countless comments, takes, and controversies. Later, they brought back Rajon Rondo, further stirring the pot due to their recent history.

Rondo and Westbrook have had some heated exchanges throughout their careers. Nonetheless, Rondo says that he's ready to bury the hatchet and leave the past in the past:

“I’m looking forward to putting everything in the past and putting it together for the greater good of the team and win a championship here," Rondo said during his introductory press conference.

Skip Bayless, however, isn't so sure about that. He recalled the incident in the bubble where Rondo's brother called Westbrook trash and Russ got him tossed off the arena.

According to Skip, Westbrook has yet to speak on this incident, and having both in the same locker room could be a ticking time bomb:

"We've heard from one of these parties but we haven't heard of the offended party yet, because the offended party was Russell Westbrook," Skip said. "So, are we sure that Russ will be able to move on from this incident? Because it got pretty ugly in the bubble. (...) Who are the two hardest-headed point guards in the league? To me, I think they're 1-2, 2-1. Rank them, it's those two. Who are two of the quickest tempers in the league? Those two. Right? They both have quick triggers (...) They play high emotion and it just snaps, and you gotta be careful, especially with Rondo. Russ has it in it too. He'll just go crazy. Rondo's ready to fight, Russ is just ready to go off."

Bayless' concerns and fair and valid. Then again, we're talking about two veterans and professional players who'll work together to win an NBA Championship.

Yeah, things can always get ugly when characters collide, but they'll have to work things out for the greater good.