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Skip Bayless Says Kevin Durant's Trade Request Proves He Is The Best Player In The World: "The Co-Betting Favorite Is Now The Phoenix Suns Only Because Kevin Durant Put Them At The Top Of His Wishlist."

Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant's trade request rocked the NBA world and a lot of people were critical of Durant for wanting out of Brooklyn. The Nets had done everything that he had wanted them to do over these last couple of years, but he still wanted out of the team despite having 4 years left on his deal.

Shannon Sharpe joined in on the criticism by stating that KD runs away when things get hard, but his debate partner on Undisputed on FS1 had a very different way of looking at the situation. Skip Bayless has long been a supporter of Durant, claiming that he is the best player in the world and, as per Skip, the potential ramifications of the trade are another indicator as to why KD is by far the best.

"It actually strengthens my case that he (Kevin Durant) is by far ‘The Best Player on the Planet’. You seen all the stories? What's happening to all the betting houses in Las Vegas? What are they doing? They are elevating Phoenix up to at least co-number 1, co-choice to be the champion next year. The co-betting favorite is now the Phoenix Suns only because Kevin Durant put them at the top of his wishlist!"

"The Suns were like 4th or 5th and all of a sudden they are co-number 1s. Why would that be... It's because he is the best player on the planet."

While Bayless puts an interesting spin on the situation here, you can easily see this happening if LeBron James or Giannis Antetokounmpo, to name just two, would have been on their way to the Suns. Just because KD's potential arrival makes them co-favorites doesn't mean a whole lot in this context.

He deserves the criticism coming his way for requesting a trade after he previously left Golden State because he wanted his own team and now that he has one; he wants out because of some adversity.