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Skip Bayless Says LeBron James For Kevin Durant Makes A Lot Of Sense For The Lakers And Nets: “LeBron And Kyrie Reunite In The East. Lakers Get KD For 4 Years, Return To Power In ‘23.”

Chris Broussard Says LeBron James Doesn't Want To Get Traded To The Brooklyn Nets For Kevin Durant: "Doesn't Need That At This Stage In His Career"

Over the last few weeks, the hottest discussion in the NBA has been the future of Kevin Durant. The 33-year-old shocked the world when it was revealed that he had asked for a trade from the Brooklyn Nets. Adding more to that shock was the fact that KD named the Phoenix Suns and the Miami Heat as his preferred next destinations.

Both teams have one thing in common - they were the first seeds of their respective conferences in the 2021-22 NBA season. It means that not only does Durant want to leave the Nets, but he also wants to form another superteam in the league.

If that's the case, there is one more destination where he could hypothetically land in. No, we are not talking about the Golden State Warriors, that's a completely different possibility.

We're talking about the possibility of the Los Angeles Lakers and the Nets indulging in a straight-up exchange between LeBron James and Kevin Durant. As unlikely as it may sound, there is no guarantee of what could happen in the NBA.

Evidently, it seems the rumors of this trade going down have reached NBA analyst Skip Bayless as well. The veteran analyst pointed out in one of his recent tweets that this trade makes a lot of sense for both teams involved.

Just read a proposed trade on Bleacher Report that has been hiding in plain sight ... LeBron for KD ... too obvious to be obvious because IT MAKES SO MUCH SENSE. LeBron/Kyrie reunite in the East. Lakers get KD for 4 years, return to power in '23. Can't wait to discuss at 930 E.

Bayless' tweet clearly signifies that he believes this hypothetical trade will put both the Lakers and the Nets in a win-win situation.

After all, one of the biggest reasons why the Lakers are trying to trade for Kyrie Irving is to reunite him with LeBron James. But let's take a step back and really think about it for a minute.

A trade of this magnitude has never taken place in the history of the NBA. Both James and Durant are counted as two of the best players in the league. So the chances of this happening are very low. But as we said earlier, you can never really know what might happen in the NBA.