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Slava Medvedenko's Championship Rings Have Sold For A Combined $253,534

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A championship ring is given to players who win at the highest level, and generally, they are all extremely valuable. Due to their value, we sometimes see NBA players sell their championship rings for one reason or another.

Slava Medvedenko won two championship rings with the Los Angeles Lakers in 2001 and 2002. Previously, it was reported that he'd be selling those rings to try and help Ukrainian relief efforts.

Former Lakers forward Slava Medvedenko is auctioning off his 2001 and 2002 NBA championship rings, with the entire final sale price going toward his foundation to support Ukrainian children, the Associated Press reported.

Medvedenko played for the Lakers in six of his seven seasons before retiring in 2007. Since retiring, he has embarked on a political career in his home country of Ukraine.

Medvedenko's foundation, the Fly High Foundation, supports children by restoring sports infrastructure and launching a network of social sports clubs.

Recently, it was reported that Slava Medvedenko's rings have sold for a combined $253,534, with both rings going for $126,767. This is a large amount, and it is clear that Slava Medvedenko was willing to sacrifice those rings to aid his country.

Former Los Angeles Lakers forward Slava Medvedenko’s two championship rings just sold for a combined $253,534 for charity. Medvedenko’s 2001 ring sold for $126,767 and his 2002 ring sold for $126,767 with 100% of the proceeds benefiting Ukraine relief efforts.

It remains to be seen if any other players end up auctioning off a championship ring in the future. Sometimes, there are things that take precedence over keeping one's ring, no matter how sentimental in value it may be.

It is clear that Slava Medvedenko sold his rings to support a cause that he believes in. There's no question that this is a respectable action, and hopefully, the money helps the people that currently need it.