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Snoop Dogg On Kawhi Leonard: "He Doesn't Get Rattled."

(VIA Los Angeles Times)

(VIA Los Angeles Times)

Snoop Dogg is a notorious Laker fan but who says he can't support a Clipper?

In an appearance on "All The Smoke" podcast, the hip-hop star offered up some praise to Clips forward Kawhi Leonard to Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson.

"He don't get rattled or nothing," he said. "They can be down by 15, and [Kawhi] will pull up, hit that mid-range, get back on D."

"IQ can win more than ability and skill," he said. "When I went to The Finals against Golden State, I saw [Kawhi] work out. He was the only one shooting nothing but mid-range... If your IQ is right, you'll hit the mid-range more than you hit the three."

Everything Snoop said about Kawhi seems true. The guys embraces any challenge and doesn't seem to be shaken by anything.

As a 2x Champion and one of the most well-rounded players in the game, there are few who can match up to his skillset and genius on the basketball floor. While the outlook for the season is still up in the air, Kawhi and the Clippers will, no doubt, pick up right where they left off -- competing with the best of the Western Conference.

Snoop, depsite his loyalty to Lakers Nation, is not blind to that fact.