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Spencer Dinwiddie Opens Up On Defeating The Nets: "There's A Lot Of Positive Vibes Here... It's Like Sticking It To Your Cousin vs. Being Vengeful To An Enemy."

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Spencer Dinwiddie

Spencer Dinwiddie has been solid for the Dallas Mavericks ever since getting traded to the team. He is well-known as a capable combo guard who can score, facilitate and defend relatively well. Spencer Dinwiddie is averaging 17.9 PPG, 2.8 RPG, 4.3 APG with the Dallas Mavericks and is also shooting 43.1% from beyond the arc.

There's no doubt that Spencer Dinwiddie has done well in Dallas. Recently, he even his a game-winning shot against the Brooklyn Nets, a team that he spent a fair amount of time with.

Spencer Dinwiddie opened up on beating the Brooklyn Nets, claiming that it was different than trying to beat the Detroit Pistons, another one of his former teams. He claimed that playing against the Net was "just fun" and added that there "a lot of positive vibes" in Brooklyn.

"Its different than the Detroit ones….where I wanted those bad because my time in Detroit wasnt fun....This was just fun. It feels good. There’s a lot of positive vibes here. Its like sticking it to your cousin vs being vengeful for an enemy."

His time on the Brooklyn Nets definitely helped him become the player he is today, and it makes sense that Spencer Dinwiddie would like his time there. However, he came back to the team as an opposing player, so his priority was definitely winning, rather than reminiscing on his positive times with the team.

Spencer Dinwiddie has a short-term stop with the Washington Wizards in between his Brooklyn Nets and Dallas Mavericks stints. However, he was labeled as a locker room issue during his time with the Wizards, and it's obvious that he's having a better time with the Dallas Mavericks.

The Dallas Mavericks are currently the 5th seed in the Western Conference, and there's no doubt that they've been a better team ever since Spencer Dinwiddie became the No. 2 scoring option for the team. Hopefully, this is the year they win their first series under Luka Doncic's leadership.