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Spencer Dinwiddie Responds To Kyle Kuzma’s No-Look Passing After He Roasted Him For It Earlier: “Bullying Is Good For The Youth”

Spencer Dinwiddie Responds To Kyle Kuzma’s No Look Passing After He Roasted Him For It Earlier: “Bullying Is Good For The Youth”

Kyle Kuzma continues to shine since leaving the Los Angeles Lakers. Now that he's with the Washington Wizards, Kuzma is finally getting the game time he needed to showcase his talent. And he's been showing the Lakers why they should not have gotten rid of him.

But one of the things that he was recently trolled about was his no-look passing. His teammate Spencer Dinwiddie roasted Kuzma for making no-look passes while still having his eye on his teammate, saying that he actually passes it before turning away, making it not a real no-look pass.

“Sometimes Kuz is throwing, not no-look passes, but look passes. He throws, the dude catches it, then He looks this way. It's like, 'That’s not how a no-look pass works, bro.' But you know, he's still learning the nuances of that side of things."

Perhaps Kuzma took the good-natured ribbing personally, as he went on to dish out several no-look passes during the Wizards' win over the Miami Heat. One fan even suggested the same when sharing a video of these passes on Twitter. 

Hilariously, Spencer Dinwiddie tried taking credit for it. Responding on Twitter, Dinwiddie suggested that his bullying and roasting helped Kuzma improve his technique for his no-look passing.

"Bullying is good for the youth."

Clearly, Dinwiddie was just having fun at Kuzma's expense. But the Wizards are on a roll, and Kuzma is playing a big part in that. Wizards' superstar Bradley Beal actually praised Kuzma and the new Wizards players after the game, saying that he's happy to have teammates he can trust.

Kuzma is currently averaging 14 points and 9 rebounds a game for the Wizards and is a key member of their squad. Now playing a more important role, Kuz has shown that he can be a reliable star for an NBA team, and is playing some of the best basketball of his career.