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Spurs Fans Continue To Call Out Dejounte Murray After His Latest Tweet: "You Should Appreciate Gregg Popovich And The Spurs For Giving You The Key Of The Franchise"

Dejounte Murray

The NBA offseason is in full swing right now, with teams signing multiple free agents to improve their roster. Amid the swarm of free agent signings, some teams have resorted to trades to improve their roster. Perhaps one of the most significant trades this offseason has been the Atlanta Hawks trading for San Antonio Spurs guard Dejounte Murray.

Murray, who was easily the best player for the Spurs last season, is a great two-way guard who can do it all on the court. While he has had some solid seasons with the Spurs before, the 25-year-old truly flourished last season, averaging over 21 points per game and leading the league in steals per game, showcasing his defensive prowess.

Given that the Spurs are entering a rebuilding phase, it was understandable that the team traded away Dejounte for Danilo Gallinari and three first-round picks. While Murray was thankful to the Spurs since his trade, his recently deleted tweet seemed like a jab at his former team.

Spurs fans understandably weren't the biggest fans of the tweet and called out the guard.

But it seems like Murray is seeing all the ongoing hate and recently reacted to the hate comments by Spurs fans.

But San Antonio fans have continued to pounce on the guard, calling him out for his controversial comments.

The Spurs fans are understandably frustrated with the comments made by Dejounte. Given that it was Gregg Popovich and the Spurs who really took a chance on him and honed him to become an All-Star, seeing a homegrown star like Murray make such comments is frustrating. While the trade seemed like a happy farewell initially, it seems like the things have gone south.

While the whole debacle might not end, it will be interesting to see Murray play alongside a ball-dominant guard like Trae Young in the Atlanta Hawks. Given that Young is one of the best upcoming talents in the league, there is no doubt that 'Ice-Trae' will be the go-to man for the Hawks.

Given that Dejounte was also the number one option for the Spurs, can the guard really fit with Trae Young and accept a more off-the-ball role?