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Steaming High School Basketball Player Knocks Out His Opponent At The End Of Game

Steaming High School Basketball Player Knocks Out His Opponent At The End Of Game

In light of the Morris/Jokic incident and LeBron/Stewart ordeal, it's pretty clear that things can get testy in the NBA. While it's rare for things to get really violent on the court, it doesn't mean that there haven't been more than a few close calls.

For some High School basketball teams in Iowa, however, they found out firsthand just how bad things can get when feelings are left to fester unchecked.

In a video that has since gone viral, we can see a young baller literally landing some punches at his opponent during the post-game handshake line.

The details on how it happened remain unclear, but there was sheer mayhem after it all went down with coaches and players rushing to control the situation.

(via MSN)

The Nevada Cubs beat the Carlisle Wildcats, 72-47, in an Iowa high school basketball game on Tuesday night. During the handshake line after the game a Carlisle player attacked the player leading the Nevada handshake line. First he hit him in the body and then appeared to knock him out with a punch to the face.

It looked like he tried to throw another punch as the kid was falling down and another Nevada player jumped in to tackle the kid throwing the punches.

There appeared to be a ton of confusion before coaches started screaming at players to run to the locker room. The fact that this didn't turn into a full-on brawl leaves us with a lot of questions about the circumstances surrounding this incident.

Considering the fight went down after the game ended, it's fair to say the problem was personal between the two players and it remains to be seen if either one of them will receive disciplinary action.

In the meantime, you can expect the internet to keep digging for clues on what happened there and why things escalated to the point they did.