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Stephen A. Smith Believes Kevin Durant Holds Kyrie Irving's Future In His Hands: "If KD Says Enough Is Enough, Kyrie Is Gone. Traded."

Kevin Durant Furthers Speculation Over Him And Kyrie Irving Talking About A Potential Return: “I’d Rather Keep Those Conversations In House Though.”

Last season when the Brooklyn Nets super team was formed after the addition of James Harden, the whole world expected them to hit the ground running. Fast forward to now and after an injury-riddled season, the Nets have a tough situation on their hands. One of their superstars, Kyrie Irving, has placed them in this weird situation.

Apparently, Irving is yet to get vaccinated, and it has caused turmoil around the league. Many have suggested that the Nets should trade Irving if he continues this stance. Considering the Nets are aspiring to lift the Larry O'Brien trophy this season, removing Irving from the team would hurt their chances of achieving that goal.

After all, what other options do they have if Kyrie doesn't get vaccinated? He is not only putting himself at risk but everyone around him.

NBA analyst Stephen A. Smith believes Kevin Durant is the only barrier between the Nets trading Kyrie. 

"The Brooklyn Nets can be special with Kyrie Irving. They can, no denying there. But they can be special without him too. If KD says enough is enough, Kyrie is gone. Traded. That is if the Nets could still find a team to take him at this point. Many teams are resistant to bring him on because they say he is so bizarre. I know, I have spoken to some of them. Kyrie might just stop and retire. This is what they thinking. But eventually KD has to realise that Kyrie's vaccination status is impacting basketball. And basketball is all KD cares about. I have seen that man walk into a club with high top sneakers on, ready to ball. I ain't lying!"

Over the past few weeks, time and time again, Kyrie has sealed his mouth regarding his vaccination status. As Stephen A. pointed out, it is now starting to impact the game of basketball. He has a huge influence around the world and his actions might motivate others to not get vaccinated.

On the other hand, the only goal Durant has is to further solidify his legacy in the NBA. Winning a championship with the Nets would help his cause. Kyrie is a crucial player on the team and without him, KD's chances of winning the third championship of his career will take a hit. But there is only so much a person can take. So if KD is fed up with Irving's shenanigans, we might see Kyrie Irving trade go down soon.