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Stephen A. Smith Blasts Brooklyn Nets For Letting Kyrie Irving Become A Part-Time Player: "One Of The Most Shameful Things I Think They Could Have Ever Done"

Kyrie Irving Reportedly Wants To Get Vaccinated But Only With A Plant-Based Version Of The Vaxx

The Brooklyn Nets had two of their games postponed due to the covid-19 outbreak in their camp, including the Christmas Day game against the Los Angeles Lakers, but that is not the biggest news to come out of Brooklyn.

A few days before the postponement, the Nets announced that they would be allowing Kyrie Irving to return, with owner Joe Tsai acknowledging that the team needs Kyrie to win a championship. While that is great news for most of the fans, as their chances of winning the championship are greater, many others are not pleased with the decision.

One such is sports analyst Stephen A. Smith, who is outrightly disgusted with the organization for allowing it. He has often criticized Kyrie since the start of the season, saying he is being selfish and betrayed his teammates.

On the latest episode of First Take, Stephen A. was asked if it was the right move to bring Kyrie back, and he went right into it, passionately criticizing the franchise for going through with it.

(From 0:04)

“I think it’s a horrible move. I think it’s a disgraceful move. I think that Nets ownership is incredibly disappointing, and I think that the league should intervene."

He went on to suggest that the league enforces a rule where every player must get the vaccine and had more words for the Nets organization.

"To watch the Brooklyn Nets reverse course and take this position is one of the most shameful things I think they could have ever done.”

Kyrie has not featured in any game for the Nets this season due to New York City's covid-19 mandate. The All-Star guard has refused to take the vaccine, citing personal health issues as his reason. Although reports suggest he is open to taking a plant-based vaccine, nothing concrete has resulted from that.

Irving is currently observing the league's health and safety protocols and will be cleared for action when he tests negative to the virus. He will be tested before every game due to his vaccination status and will only feature in road games, except against the New York Knicks.